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What I want do

I want create a special user, who can modify only one content item (or category or session). And I want create a group of special registered used who can read those contents. Normal registered used can’t access to that contents.



What I’ve used

JACL Plus of ByOS Technology (freeware): a module for Joomla!.



How to…

Editor / Author creation.

  • Create a new access level with JACL: Component > JACLPlus > Access Level Manager. Call it: AL_myLevel.
  • Create a new special user group: : Component > JACLPlus > User Group Manager.
    Call it: UG_myAdmin. It must be sun of Author (Public FrontEnd > Registered > Author), with access level Public-Registered-AL_myLevel. No other heritage. Then assign editing right to that group linked to our reserved contents (category or session) Save.
  • Create a new Joomla! User (Site > User Manager) and attach it to group UG_myAdmin (Public FrontEnd > Registered > Author > UG_myAdmin). Call it: myContentAdmin. Set editor type and save.
  • Create all reserved content pages and set author: myContentAdmin.


Reserved users (readers)

  • Create new special user group: Componet > JACLPlus > User Group Manager. Call it: UG_myGroup, sun of Registered, with access level Public-Registered-Al_myLevel. No heritage and save.
  • On user manager (Site > User Manager) create test user myContentUser and assign it the group UG_myGroup.
  • Last step. On our reserved contents, Publishing Info, set level AL_myLevel.


Game over 🙂

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