How to remove skypePM.exe process


English Version: how to remove SkypePM.exe process

Version 3 di Skype install new featuere: a plugin manager called SkypePM.exe.

SkypePM, even if no plugin are installed on skype, use very large RAM, usually more then 15 MB.


To remove skypePM.exe (if you don’t use plugins) there are 2 methods:

  1. uninstall Skype, remove its install folder, reinstall Skype without installing Plugin Manager (skypePM.exe) or…
  2. close Skype, go to skype install folder, rename (or remove) subfolder "Plugin Manage" to "Plugin Manager.old". Play Skype without skypePM.exe 🙂

Have a good work and save waster RAM 🙂
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