Google Answers and Google Silences for SEO 🇬🇧

In the latest months Google changes its disclosure policy: a lot of new posts and videos dedicated to “dummies” SEOs and webmasters.

Furthermore, Googlers continue to support many user requests but too many times are related to something similar to: how noindex works, can I block sitemap.html via robots.txt, …

Last Friday there was a series of tweets by me, my friend Martino and a great Googler (sir Martin Splitt). The subject of our debate was if the UX signals maybe direct/indirect ranking signals. The discussion ended with a summary post of the well-known Barry Schwartz:
Google: SEOs Use “No” As A Way To Confirm Their Theories

I need to say sorry to Martin because parts of my tweets are written to troll. Sorry, I’m a bad person. 

But the real trouble I found is that too many times I’d like to have replies to serious question. I’d like to receive some “I can’t reply” too.

So I’d like to link some questions unanswered:



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