CoComment fa retromarcia

CoComment, dopo la disastrosa nuova versione fa retromarcia ed invia una lettera ai suoi utilizzatori. Ecco il testo:

Dear coComment User –

Firstly, an apology.  The upgrade of coComment to Version 2.0 Beta has been difficult and I know that, as users, you have been inconvenienced.  We are sorry and promise not to do it to you again.

As well as the usual teething troubles and unexpected bugs, we experienced a database corruption which made coComment increasingly slow and unresponsive to requests.  We believe that we do now have the bugs ironed out and that the service should be faster and more reliable than before the upgrade.  However, if your experience differs please do let us know and we will resolve it for you.

We have also had a lot of feedback on the design and its usability.  We have, in response to many comments, reverted conversation display to the old ‘accordion’ style within the MyConversations framework and the client to the previous version.  The ‘new’ client, which appears on websites to allow you to control coComment, is now only activated when you use the Sidebar viewing mechanism.  We will give you the option as to which client to use, with the default setting being the less ‘intrusive’ version.

This is still a beta product … the final version will be released September 24th … so we are completely open to feedback on usability/functionality/design/look and feel.  Please let us have your comments/concerns and we will respond.

Once again, our apologies for the difficulties.  We believe very strongly in the future of the comment space and coComment 2.0 is intended to take the state of the art a long way forward.  In trying to do so much, in one step, we created problems for you and ourselves.  We will not, in future, shy away from developing the product to move it forward BUT we won’t try and do quite so much in one go !

Please feel free to email us personally with your feedback/comments and thank you for your patience and understanding.

Best regards

Chissà quanti si faranno commuovere da questa e lettera e quanti ritorneranno suoi passi. Io sinceramente penso di rimanere in commentFul.

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5 pensieri su “CoComment fa retromarcia

  1. Merlinox

    Ti accetto il commento solo se me lo riscrivi in dialetto 🙂
    Cmq è vero… questa fottuta corso a nuove release e a funzionalità aggiuntive (non core).

    Purtroppo con i “webTools” le nuove release sono spesso imposte, senza alternative.

  2. Kristina

    Hi! Sorry for posting in English, but I don’t speak Italian (I had a friend translate your post). Want to give you quick update on coComment. As you know, we did run into some bugs during the move to V2 Beta and now most major bugs have been fixed and we welcome any feedback from our users. We want to address any questions or comments you may have, so feel free to contact us at Please send comments in English if possible. Thanks again! Kristina

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