Adsense content monitor – Track It!

One important thing for blog master is manage post and advertising.
With Google Adsense is possible tracking advertising setting some criteria-name, to every different position in site.

Ok good: but we can’t know in which post users clicked.


There are 2 solutions:

  • make crazy with Adsense settings
  • using a tracking system, integrating Adsense with Google Analytics (track it!)


In these days I try this trial.

I inserted Adsense Adv scrpt into a DIV. In the DIV I inserted an onclick listener, that call google analytics tracking system, passing ID and TITLE to the function..


This is the example:


<div onclick="urchinTracker(‘adsense/position/[#id_news#]-#titolo#’);">

…adsense script…



adsense/position: the name I gave to banner position on site

#id_news#: coldfusion render it to news ID

#titolo#: coldfusion render it to news TITLE


Cliccare per ingrandire

To monitor our new Adsense tracking system:

Content optimization > content drilldown >(surf on real and virtual folders).


(italian version)

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